Pittsburgh Technical College Presents Careers in Information Technology to Montour Students

On May 18th, Dr. John Scarpino, Academic Chair of the School of Information Technology at Pittsburgh Technical College, presented to a group of 25 third graders in Montour’s Minecraft Education Lab about careers in Informational Technology.  Dr. Scarpino stressed the importance of careers available in the Pittsburgh region now, but also in the future. Students asked questions about the gaming industry, popular apps, and more.  Dr. Scarpino encouraged students to continue to learn technology skills because the skills they learn in technology school could lead to a fun and meaningful career pathway.


“Remember that Information Technology is not a job but a career and that every position requires it even if you are not directly involved within its development,” Dr. John Scarpino.

Pittsburgh Technical College, a regionally accredited, non-profit college located in Oakdale, PA, is a supporter and partner at Montour School District.  PTC has donated resources to help Montour elementary students learn computer sciences in Montour’s Minecraft Education Lab.

“Montour is fortunate to have high-quality partners like PTC.  They are an innovative leading college offering remarkable opportunities for students,” Dr. Justin Aglio, Director of Academic Achievement (K-4) and District Innovation.

Learn more about Pittsburgh Technical College: https://www.ptcollege.edu/

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