Human-centered design is living and breathing at the Montour School District.  In fact, Montour’s administrative team used several human-centered design thinking methods including Visualize the Vote, Affinity Clustering, and more during its 2015 summer retreat to craft Montour’s new core values:

Putting Children First:

We are committed to knowing the needs of every child and to make decisions that best serve all children.

Supporting a Growth Mindset:

We believe that the principles of hard work, resilience, persistence and personal responsibility lead to a life of limitless personal growth, and expanding intelligence.

Creating a Learning Culture:

We believe in a learning culture founded on the principles of reflection, engagement, empowerment and personal responsibility.


What is Human-Centered Design?

“Human-Centered Design can be defined as the process that places the human needs and limitations in a higher priority compared with other targets during the design thinking and production differential stages.” – R. Elmansy

How are teachers using Human-Centered Design at Montour?






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